Friday, August 7, 2015

Activism around the 28 Pages: A Plan for Fall 2015

Rough Notes toward a Strategy Document: 
Activism around the 28 Pages: A Plan for Fall 2015

Co-Written by Les Jamieson, Director of
and Sander Hicks, activist.

We want to envision short, medium and long term phases, identify what's easily feasible and identify what may be larger scale but worth shooting for. This document will attempt to organize some of our goals, and thoughts.

Short Term Goals (with immediate donations from within our circle)

Make a short video appeal (work with John Kirby or my guy Alex?) 

Launch a GoFundMe Campaign (based on our comparative research on different crowd-funding platforms.)

Hire publicist for this fund-raising campaign, assemble a team of publicity volunteers, too.

Create a good looking brochure, or printed material outlining the case, and the cause.

Update current website with a slideshow and “In the News” section.

Hire interns.

Organize volunteer base. Find office space (or rent some cheap from Sander, or Sander can donate some at his offices/woodshop at 52-05 Flushing Ave, in Maspeth/Bushwick)

Contract with social networking guru as a consultant or head of a team
Create a few videos for cable access. (I've got one storyboard already)
Funding for Facebook, Twitter, and maybe even Google ads to attract people to site

Funding for web banners on well traveled sites like Coast2Coast. Identify more sites.

Advertise on Google AdWords, possibly.

Social Media: Use Youtube, FB, Twitter, web banners and such. 
Reach out to sympathetic podcasts.

DC Presence: start to create a “grassroots” lobbying effort to get people to come to DC and visit their CongressMember. 

Work on DC Strategy: Maybe another thing we need to identify early on is a strategy and a list of all the members of Congress, and try to figure out exactly how many we would need to to support us to get to get HR 14 to pass. 

Sander and Les plan to travel to DC 9/11 truth, to set up a campaign there with the existing 9/11 Truth group. Meet with George Ripley and Jeff Long and the others and set up a official lobbying effort. 

Look up the Members of Congress who supported Curt Weldon's effort to get public hearings on Able Danger. That said, I think it would be good to go to DC and visit with the staff from the offices of Jones, Lynch, Massie, and Rand Paul to learn about their experiences so far. Then we could meet with the local DC activists as you suggest to help plan a lobbying effort.

Les J. Salary: 

To implement what we've come up with, $500 a week in the initial phase would be helpful. Then once the foundation is built and there's an expansion of responsibilities, it should go up to what a professional social change organization would pay.

Reach out to activists and possible fellow supporters.

In our continuing teleconferences, Les and Sander and others decided to open up diplomatic channels from our group, to Pope Francis, who is a robust progressive, and peace-Pope. Sander’s open letter to the Pope is here: 

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